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Picture of Pebbles
& Her Littermates!

1) Pebbles posing with my favorite birthday rock
2) Pebbles with her new squeaky toy from Becky, Luna, & Star.
3) "YUCK" - I don't know what she put in her mouth but she definitely didn't like it - LOL!
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The 4 photos above were taken on May 25th.
4 Generations: The photo to the left was taken several years ago. This is Pebbles' family on her Mom's side. Left to right: Grandpa Polo, Great Great Grandma Sassy,Uncle Baron, Mommy Tia, Grandma Star, and Great Grandpa Angus!
These two photos to the right were taken UKC Premier weekend. Pebbles was 15 weeks old. She is being stacked by the sire's owner, Stacey Price.
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