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"MAX" - a.k.a. Purple Collar Boy

"If no one has told you (Becky) that you did a great job with the pups, let me be the first. I showed Max to go on the hill in the back yard to go potty, and now when we go out he just runs up there to do his business. He's been sleeping in the bedroom for the past three nights with no incidents! Great! It thundered last night and he wasn't bothered by it a bit. Really a great puppy!" -Richard (Indiana)

Another Update: "Just a brief update on Max. I don't know if his body or appetite is growing faster. I don't have any new pictures yet, but probably in a week or two. He has learned to sit, give paw and lay down with hand signals. He comes most of the time when I call. He seems to me that he has almost doubled in size, but that's just me. Have a great day." -Richard (Indiana)

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