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Thursday night (11/15/07), Kyla's temperature dropped to 98.7 so I spent the night resting next to her whelp box. Friday morning, she refused food and her nesting instincts kicked in big time. In these photos, she took the 4 layers of blankets that were neatly layed out and bunched them all up into a wad. I sat quietly off to the side and just watched, she then looked up with a guilty look like "am I going to get into trouble for making this mess", I just smiled and then she started her heavy pre-whelp panting (even though it looks like she's smiling)! Puppies should start arriving any time now!

Here is a rightfully ever so proud new Mommy and two beautiful daughters!

First Born Daughter is 15 ounces
Second Born Daughter is 16 ounces

Both have been actively nursing and appear very content.

Notably, Kyla has the BEST mothering skills that I have ever had the honor of observing - I'm truly amazed at her tender and loving natural instincts. ((smile))

This photo was taken on Sunday, November 18, at about 7:00 pm. I don't know if you can tell or not from this photo but the girls are already noticably bigger!

Kyla got a quick bath today and I could immediately tell that she felt so-o-o-o much better.

Individual photos of each of the girls to follow shortly.

Sunday, 8:00pm, here are photos of Second Born and First Born (Left to Right):
Both girls have been adopted by loving families...
Photos - Set 2
Photos - Set 3
6 weeks old photos