Von Tasz Shepherds
12/20/03 Photos - Puppies are now 7.5 weeks old!
Yellow Collar Male has a presence about him that really catches my eye. He also self-stacks and reminds me very much of his daddy, Polo!
White Collar Male - "Kaiser" is a big beefy guy and is a true Black and Silver - stunning!
Red Collar Female - "Ava"
Ava is a beautiful silver sable and she moves like a dream! I really like this one's attitude and the way she carries herself. **SOLD**
Blue Collar Female - "Dakota" is a beautiful Black & Tan female that looks a lot like her mommy. She has an excellent temperament and is loaded with energy. To get her "show stack" photo, we baited her with peanut butter - she loves it! (Look at her "licking her chops" - so cute!) **SOLD**
White Collar Female - "Cider"
Cider is one of my personal favorites because she reminds me so much of her great grandma, Sassy. She is the largest pup in the litter but I would swear that she has the most energy! **SOLD**
Green Collar Female - "Princess"
This "little" girl is a "beefaloo" like her sister, Cider! <smile> She is substantial in size and has a great temperament! (Her sable coloring is stunning also!) **SOLD**
Orange Collar Male
Last, but certainly not least, is this Black & Tan "little dickens"! He wanted his orange toy in the worse way and was so focused on it that he had us all laughing! Talk about personality plus!!! **SOLD**
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