Royal Von Tasz Classic


AKC: DL688987/01, AWSA F2-80
Male, DOB: 5/16/97
Breeder: Jean Reeves 
Owner: Diana Updike

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Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
UKC/AWSA/WSCC/WGS CH, U-CD Reeves Royal Angus Von Tasz, CDX, TT, HC, CGC, OFA H&E, WHITE, DL451864/01, 10-28-92 WGS CH Moses Lacsar Von Tasz, CDX, Can. CD, TD, TT, CGC, OFA H&E, WHITE, D618245 (12-88), 08-26-87 Sherman's Weiss Schnee Bar, OFA, WHITE, WE-796536 (8-82)
Pipoly's Little White Tasz, CD, OFA, WHITE, D-017426 (9-85), 10-01-82
WGS CH Hoofprint Be A Spasz Von Tasz, HC, CD, TD, TT, CGC, OFA H&E, WHITE
DA-012400, 04-11-90
Hoofprint Pancho, RXO, OP, OVC, WHITE, PS-324432 (12-87), 09-03-82
Hoof Print Lanna, RX, vWD 83%, OVC, WHITE, TW-590234, 11-15-86
UKC CH Wytecliff's Royal Crimson Ruby, CGC, OFA H&E, WHITE, DL491478/06, 06-02-93 WGS/WSCC CH Aslan, Spirit of Tumbledown, OFA H&E, WHITE, DA-004349, 06-17-90 Gloria's Steppin Out Beau, OFA, WHITE, D-554654 (9-88), 09-28-86
Hytyme's Zanadau Tumbledown, CGC, OFA, RX, WHITE, D-582891 (10-88)
WGS CH Moonshadow's Charisma of TDWC, CGC, HC, OFA H&E, WHITE
DL-41167506, 01-14-92
Hoofprint Sundance, OVC, RX, OP, WHITE, VU-727016, 10-23-88
WGS CH Regalwise Remember Me Always, CGC, HC, OFA H&E, RX, WHITE, D-954342 (12-91), 02-10-90

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